How to extend turbine lifetimes

How to extend turbine lifetimes

Around 34,000 wind turbines in Europe are now 15 years or older, equivalent to 36GW of capacity (WindEurope).

The operational lifetime of an onshore wind turbine is 20 to 25 years. Compared with newer generations of younger turbines, older machines present a different set of challenges: components may no longer be supported by OEMs yet the need for post-warranty repairs, upgrades, retrofits of components remains.

Help is at hand. In this webinar hosted in partnership with Sulzer, we discuss technical remedies to reduce downtime and strategies aimed at squeezing the best performance from an ageing fleet and ultimately extend lifetime.

We discuss:

  • What are the key common issues and problems that affect performance of older turbine fleet
  • Potential causes of generator failings – what do operators of older fleets need to look out for?
  • How can re-engineering wind turbine generators that are no longer supported by the original manufacturer extend lifetime?
  • What is the best approach to maintaining fleets where turbines of the dame model contain generators from different suppliers?
  • How can condition monitoring reduce OpEx associated with operating and maintaining an older fleet?
  • What are the key advantages of working with a third-party/independent service provider when it comes to O&M in relation to older turbines?

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